CHI Franciscan Health offers the full range of urology and nephrology services for men and women, adults and children. Our board-certified urologists and fellowship trained urologic oncologists are surgical specialists who focus on anatomical or structural disorders of the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract. They treat the full range of issues including: kidney stones, kidney blockages, prostate disease, kidney disease, bladder control, male infertility, kidney cancer, testicular cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, and erectile dysfunction. Our board-certified nephrologists offer services that focus on disorders that affect the way the kidneys work, such as chronic kidney disease (CKD) and related co-morbidities such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Nephrologists generally prescribe nonsurgical medical treatments for these disorders.

Urology clinics: Why choose us?

Our urological team provides the latest and highest quality urologic care to our patients. Our physicians, in addition to providing general urologic care, have specific areas of expertise to assure that the most complex problems, including cancers, are managed by experts. Our urologists have extensive experience diagnosing, managing and treating the full spectrum of urological disorders.

Features of our care include:

  • Comprehensive treatment: We collaborate with other specialties within CHI Franciscan when necessary to give you the most comprehensive, effective care possible. Our clinics benefit from the full resources and network of providers and clinics in the CHI Franciscan system.
  • Advanced care: We are actively involved in research, translating the latest findings into improved care for you.
  • Urologic oncology: Fellowship-trained, nationally-recognized urologic oncologists specialize in bladder, kidney, prostate and testicular cancers. These specialists offer leading edge, diagnostics, and surgical expertise along with less-invasive treatment alternatives (where appropriate) for urologic cancers such as active surveillance, cryotherapy, and focal therapy for localized prostate cancer and percutaneous ablative procedures for small renal masses. They also perform robotic and open procedures to treat urologic cancers, using a multidisciplinary team approach with integrated expertise by medical oncology, radiation oncology, radiologists and pathologists, and other cancer experts are supported by an integrated team.
  • Minimally invasive treatments: We utilize both progressive open surgical techniques, state-of-the-art laparoscopic procedures and robotic-assisted surgery for surgical oncology and/or reconstruction related to renal, urethral, and bladder disorders.

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