Anticoagulation Clinics

If you have heart disease or problems with blood circulation, you may need anticoagulation, or blood-thinning, medications. At CHI Franciscan Health, you’ll find personalized outpatient therapy at our anticoagulation clinics throughout the Puget Sound.

What is anticoagulation therapy?

Anticoagulation medications or “blood thinners” help prevent and stabilize harmful blood clots within blood vessels. When you are cut or injured, a blood clot forms to prevent excessive bleeding. This is a normal, necessary function.

For people with certain conditions, blood clots may form within blood vessels. If the clot breaks loose and travels to your lungs or brain, it could lead to serious medical problems.

Anticoagulation clinics: Our outpatient services

At our outpatient clinics, we help patients monitor their anticoagulation status and risk while taking blood-thinning medications such as Coumadin® (warfarin). Our expert team has more than 10 years’ experience in caring for patients with conditions affecting the heart or vascular (blood vessel) system.

We offer a full range of anticoagulation therapy services. We will:

  • Review your prescription and over-the-counter medications for potentially harmful drug interactions
  • Perform blood tests with same-day lab results
  • Communicate lab results to you and your physician
  • Adjust medication dosages, as needed
  • Provide education regarding blood thinners

Our experts for anticoagulation therapy

Our team works closely with your care provider to coordinate a personalized treatment plan. Our pharmacists have Doctor of Pharmacy degrees and specialized training in anticoagulation, chronic disease-state management and immunizations. They are experts in screening for potentially dangerous drug interactions, monitoring medications and adjusting dosing for personalized care.

Anticoagulation therapy: What to expect

At your first visit, you can expect:

  • A finger stick for a few drops of blood to check your international normalized ratio (INR), which measures the time it takes your blood to clot. The results help us plan your medication dosing between visits.
  • A 30-minute education session, which includes:
    • Creating a current medication list with the pharmacist
    • Learning about food and medicine interactions and incorporating Coumadin (warfarin) into your life
    • Adjusting your medication dosage (by your pharmacist)

Contact our anticoagulation clinics

CHI Franciscan has outpatient clinics in several locations for your convenience. If you are a patient, contact one of our clinics below.

If you are a physician who wants to refer a patient for anticoagulation therapy, contact us at:

  • Referral phone 253-573-7470
  • Referral fax 253-573-7187

Our anticoagulation clinic locations:

Wheaton Medical Office Building
2512 Wheaton Way
Map and directions

Highline Medical Pavilion
16233 Sylvester Road SW, Suite 110
Map and directions

St. Elizabeth Hospital
1455 Battersby Avenue, Room 2163A
Map and directions

Federal Way
St. Francis Medical Office Building
34509 Ninth Avenue S., Suite 308
Map and directions

Gig Harbor
St. Anthony Medical Pavilion
4700 Point Fosdick Drive NW, Suite 320
Map and directions

St. Clare Medical Pavilion
11311 Bridgeport Way SW, Suite 300
Map and directions

St. Joseph Medical Clinic Building
1708 S. Yakima Avenue, Suite 20
Map and directions